Have you ever walked a labyrinth?

Do you enjoy spending time in nature?

Would you like the chance for some quiet reflection?

VISIT The Path of the Pukeko Labyrinth in Te Atatu, AUCKLAND, NZ.

SPECIAL  UPCOMING EVENT: Matariki Festival - Walk the Path of the Pukeko at dawn on Sunday 6th July 2014.

The Path of the Pukeko is a participative art experience created by Kathrine Fraser and Kerry-Ann Stanton. Located on Auckland’s beautiful Te Atatu Peninsula and launched during the Harbourview Sculpture Trail in March 2014, it draws inspiration from the natural local environment, as well as the ancient tradition of the labyrinth.  Stepping through the flax bushes which guard the entry, you will see only rampant kikuyu and the suggestion of a single narrow track.  The real magic begins when you bring yourself fully into the artwork, following a few optional guidelines which assist you to focus your thoughts.  As you follow your feet, more than the path is revealed, thus illustrating the objective of this installation - to reveal what was previously invisible.

Individuals can walk the Path of the Pukeko at any time (the entry is currently marked only by a red tie on a cabbage tree at the south end of Danica Ponds field). Guided groups and ceremonial events are available on request to walk@pathofthepukeko.org.nz. Made entirely of natural materials, the Path will remain defined if it is walked, or gradually revert to its natural state. You can follow its journey during 2014 on www.facebook.com/pathofthepukeko.


Suggested Guidelines for Walking the Path of the Pukeko Labyrinth

Firstly consider what you want your journey to be about.  You can explore an idea/question, dedicate it to a person/situation or simply walk and be open to whatever thoughts arise.

  • Labyrinths are usually walked in silence. Turn off your cellphone.

  • At the entry, pause and silently state your purpose to yourself.

  • Follow the path. Hold your thought or question while you walk, stopping or moving as the mood takes you. You can mark any point that feels significant to you along the way, by tying a knot in the grass at the side of the path - thus the installation will evolve over time. Notice the environment within and around you. If necessary, refocus on your purpose.

  • When finished you are invited to pause and reflect on your experience.

  • One purpose of this installation is to explore the value people gain from a public contemplative space like this. Please email your comments to walk@pathofthepukeko.org.nz  or post on the Facebook page www.facebook.com/pathofthepukeko.


Visit the Path of the Pukeko again, as each opportunity is unique. How long it remains in place will be determined by its use – either remaining defined by being walked, or progressively reverting to its natural state.




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